Looking to journey for your dream automobile? Hype Luxury Car leases targets to convey that want actual

By Srinath Srinivasan

After running with Satyam, Accenture and in the coverage aggregator industry in Switzerland, Raghav Belavadi, on his return to India, located that the posh car condominium market in India become not served the manner it has to be. “When I wanted to rent a luxury automobile for a circle of relatives activities, I had only a few alternatives and working out the charges have been too complex,” he says. “Luxury vehicle services want a certain stage of commitment because of the price and class of automobiles concerned. Once, once I ordered a Mercedes S-Class, I was given a BMW 7 series. While my issuer said it’s of the same magnificence and charge range, he failed to word that everyone those had been undesirable data for me as a purchaser.”

Belavadi desired to remedy this trouble with the help of the era and eliminate the shortage of commitment and mediators. He believes that this isn’t a commercial taxi enterprise. According to him, it’s a part of the luxury industry. He also located that the existing luxurious car leases did not have a self-pressure option for the customers. With all this in thoughts, Belavadi released Hype, an easy car condominium app, in December 2017, with a preliminary investment of $700,000.

Hype is emphatic that the info of the automobile displayed to the person online must in shape with the auto that he/she receives, by itself or chauffeur pushed. To do this, Belavadi and group are in touch with choose car vendors who’re chosen after a thorough inspection of their vehicles. The pricing for the car and the condominium duration can be customized online as in keeping with person requirement. Payments are made online thru the app/ website to make it as instantaneous as viable. Only commercially registered luxurious motors are used. One of the outstanding car vendors to the employer is Ramesh Babu, a.Ok.A Billionaire Barber from Bengaluru. Belavadi says that margins were as low as 10% to as excessive as 70% which has also helped his company bypass on many advantages to the automobile carriers. He also states that due to this commercial enterprise version, revenue leakage within the luxurious segment has been controlled and proprietors are glad to rent their vehicles through Hype. However, to create focus among vehicle companies and to get them to participate in this organized commercial enterprise model is an assignment that the corporation remains trying challenging to solve.

Most customers were from the film industry and multinational corporates. However, Hype appears at imparting more offerings to excessive income agencies and extremely-excessive profits agencies. Belavadi says that the addressable marketplace final yr become $35 billion and via 2023 it’s going to grow to $ sixty-nine billion. Currently, it offers motors in 46 towns across India and Belavadi hopes to raise price range with some venture capitalists to scale up the employer.

“Once we enhance funds, we can wreck even in 2020. We need new human beings to understand our emblem and begin riding luxurious vehicles. Once you power a luxurious automobile for a while, your preference to own one will come down, due to the fact these vehicles are to be pushed and experienced. And then you want to pressure distinctive brands of luxury motors than proudly owning just one,” explains Belavadi, talking approximately his vision for the corporation.

Court: It’s criminal to tax condominium vehicles to fund stadiums

There’s nothing unlawful about taxing vacationers renting motors in Arizona to pay for sports complexes in Pima and Maricopa counties, the country Supreme Court dominated nowadays.

All seven justices agreed with the nation Department of Revenue that it’s legally inappropriate that the majority of the tax is paid with the aid of out-of-state visitors. They stated that does not make it illegally discriminatory.

But the justices had been more divided on the issue of whether or not it’s felony to use a tax on the hire of cars to pay for things like stadiums.

Justice Ann Scott Timmer, writing for most people, recounted that a provision of the Arizona Constitution permitted by using citizens in 1952 spells out that any tax proceeds or different budget referring to the “operation, or use of automobiles on the public highways” must be used entirely to construct and repair roads.

But Timmer stated it’s a stretch to mention that a tax on renting a vehicle translates out to a levy to apply Arizona roads. She stated vehicle condo corporations “simply benefit from the existence of roads.”

The selection is a vital victory for the kingdom Sports and Tourism Authority as the auto-rental tax generates extra than $14 million of its more than $55 million annual price range.

Nearly $22 million of the authority’s budget goes to paying off the debt on the construction of the stadium for the Arizona Cardinals. But it also offers $eight.3 million for tourism promoting, almost $five million to sell the Cactus League and any other $1.1 million for kids and beginner sports activities.

In Pima County the levy generates $1.Five million a yr which has paid for construction of the Kino Sports Complex.

County officials say those budget maintain the stadium and baseball fields which, at the same time as there is no longer any Cactus League play there, are used for spring education for groups from Korea and Mexico. At different instances they are saying the stadium and fields can be used by different teams, together with teens sports activities, and for unique occasions.

At difficulty is a regulation designed to assist counties attract and keep sports teams and spring education by way of building centers. The selected technique in Maricopa County was a three.5 percent surcharge on vehicle condominium contracts, paid by the automobile apartment organizations; Pima County put in a flat $3.50 in line with condo price.

Shawn Aiken, representing Saban Rent-A-Car, challenged the levy as illegal.

In 2014 Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Dean fink ruled the Arizona Constitution limits any taxes levied on the usage of vehicles on public streets for use solely to fund road creation and preservation and related purposes. Fink stated the tax on automobile leases absolutely falls outdoor that motive.

But Timmer stated there are a whole host of motives why the levies are criminal even though the finances do now not go for roads.

She said this could’t be interpreted as a avenue-consumer tax because it’s far a “unique tax now not levied normally on all corporations.” And Timmer said that there is not anything to signify that those who crafted the 1952 constitutional modification limiting the use of positive taxes for roads or folks that voted for it ever meant to encompass automobile leases in its scope.

Justice Clint Bolick, in his lone dissent, said his colleagues have been essentially reading the Arizona Constitution the way they need, no longer the manner it’s worded.

“Even public targets of the best order, consisting of (seemingly) the constructing of publicly financed stadiums, do not license us to rewrite constitutional text,” he wrote. And Bolick stated the link between renting a car and using public roads – the supply inside the constitutional modification prohibiting the diversion of finances from non-road makes use of – is obvious.

“If the automobiles are used or operated on public highways, then any price or tax particularly directed in the direction of that use implicates the anti-diversion clause,” he wrote.

All seven justices, however, had no problem with concluding that it’s OK to enact a tax crafted in a way to have the tab picked up with the aid of out-of-state site visitors who’re more likely to lease automobiles than the ones residing right here.

“But despite the fact that real, this does not evidence an intent that out-of-state traffic be dealt with any otherwise from residents,” Timmer wrote, that is the test for whether a tax is illegally discriminatory. “The fact that site visitors as a set pay maximum of the surcharges accumulated through car-apartment agencies isn’t ‘discriminatory.’ ”

TxDOT treats roads; Tips on riding in icy weather

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) – Icy precipitation is expected t


o fall Tuesday morning. TxDOT has spent the Monday treating roads with brine.

They have already pretreated a few bridges and overpasses in Wichita County, Clay County, Archer County, And Wilbarger County.

TxDOT’s Public Information Officer Adele Lewis stated they’ll be monitoring road conditions overnight and will begin installing more magnificent work to deal with the roads as soon as the icy weather hits in the morning.


For folks that have to trip Tuesday, TxDOT has suggestions on how to stay secure on the street:


– Plan your course of time.
– Staying up to date at the climate conditions outdoor which you may do on the First Alert 6 Weather App. Give your self more time to get in which you are going; put together for delays.
– Dive slowly. Do not use cruise manage. Accelerate and damage slowly. If you discover yourself in a skid maintain both arms on the wheel, take your foot off the gas, and steer inside the path you want to move.
– Prep your vehicle through checking its antifreeze, battery, tires, windshield wipers and brake lighting.
– Be sure to have an emergency roadside package that includes water, snacks, and blankets.

Experts proportion safe riding hints after snow, ice closes Nevada motorway

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The Interstate 15 became closed in both instructions between St. Rose Parkway and Primm for some hours after black ice, and low visibility brought on more than one crashes Monday morning.

The Nevada Highway Patrol suggested 15 crashes happened on the toll road with nine just between St. Rose Parkway and Sloan.

Authorities requested drivers to offer themselves far among their automobile and the auto in front of them – individually when managing black ice as this can’t be visible, and it’s miles very slick.

13 Action News spoke with Driver’s Edge defensive using expert Jeff Payne Monday afternoon.

He said a few things to do when out at the roads at some stage in an anxious climate changed into to be conscious, as you never understand what the other drivers are doing. Also, to anticipate the surprising and to freak now not out. And finally, faux you’ve got a cup of water in your dashboard when using thru terrible weather.

Troopers additionally warned that black ice could nonetheless be determined on portions of highways in Southern Nevada throughout the in a single day freezing temperatures and it’s miles tough to power on even for pro drivers.

Monday changed into a hectic day at the valley roads because of the prolonged Presidents Day weekend.

The I-15 reported returned open just before 10 a.M. With roads to Mount Charleston open but crowded, and the Red Rock Scenic Drive was closed for some hours due to ice and cold climate.

Here’s Some Winter Driving Tips From a Driver’s Education Instructor

ANKENY, Iowa — Driving teachers say wintry weather climate brings the bad using behavior to mild.

Ed Jennings, a riding teacher for Street Smarts, said instead of speeding, drivers want to gradual down every action whilst using on slick and snow covered roads.

“Anything you do, we need to try to do it slowly and make small corrections. To make a brief jerk of the guidance wheel, that could genuinely reason a loss of traction that’s tough to get over,” Jennings stated.

Jennings stated drivers have to slow down by way of at the least five to 10 miles in step with hour to make a difference.

“Just fake there’s an egg under your foot and also you want to just slightly push on the gasoline and the brake just enough to either gradual down or accelerate so you don’t spoil the egg,” Jennings stated.

He said drivers have to no longer use cruise manage in wintry situations, although it does no longer seem like slippery.

“Your automobile doesn’t comprehend it’s a slick spot and so your tires will spin and you’ll lose traction and also you’ll slide around a bit bit. And then while you do visit brake, a variety of times you’ll brake too difficult and that makes it worse too,” Jennings stated.

He added, it’s a very good rule of thumb to have a 3 2nd following distance on a dry avenue or even greater on a wet or snowy avenue.

“Nobody ever gets right into a crash due to the fact they had too much following distance. So it’s continually better to err on the aspect of a touch bit more space instead of following a touch bit too near,” Jennings stated.

If you are not able to prevent on a wintry road for anything purpose, he said it is ideal to search for the following high-quality region to influence your car.

“Always knowing in which your go out, or out, or secure area to head is and commonly turning the steerage wheel to the proper away from oncoming site visitors is going to be the more secure area to move whether that be the shoulder if it’s a lane united states road or probable even the trench,” Jennings stated.

Jennings said it is also essential to have good tires with the right amount of air in them to preserve traction on snowy roads.

6 guidelines to avoid rubber roadkill and accurately proportion the street with semi vans

While out on the road, every person desires to get their vacation spot safely and as soon as viable. However, occasionally impatience or distractions can get the high-quality of drivers, placing them and others on the road at hazard. Those risks can increase whilst sharing the street with semi trucks.

Drivers have likely visible a semi-tractor trailer blow a tire or have needed to swerve around a piece of tire on the motorway. These are retreaded tires, also known as rubber roadkill.

However, following some easy tips can help passenger vehicle drivers percentage the road effectively with semi vehicles, in step with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

1) Avoid blind spots

Semi trucks and buses have larger blind spots due to their sizes. If you can’t see the driver in the automobile’s facet view reflect, you have to assume that they could’t see you.

Instead, slow down or accelerate a little to keep away from blind spots and stay seen.

2) Give them space

When riding in the front of or at the back of a semi truck ensure to provide them enough space to keep away from a crash. Semi trucks take longer to sluggish down and accelerate, so make use you switch alerts and provide greater room while passing and merging lanes.

3) Be ready for extensive turns

Trucks want greater room to turn, so now and again they may swing wide or flip from a center lane.

Don’t stop in the front of the line at intersections or try to squeeze past a semi truck and the decrease whilst it’s trying to turn.

Four) Be affected person

It’s clean to get aggravated with traffic, specially during rush hour, however honking, aggressive riding or weaving inside and out of site visitors can motive useless distractions.

Five) Don’t power distracted

Whether it’s playing with the radio or checking your smartphone, taking your eyes off the road or losing your consciousness for a second may have serious outcomes. Make sure to stay alert even as using and constantly keep your eyes on the road.

If you want to ship a text or make a phone call, pull over.

6) Wear a seat belt

WINTER DRIVING TIPS: 7 iciness driving tips

According to the Federal Highway Administration, 24 percent of weather-associated car crashes occur on snowy, slushy or icy pavement, resulting in over 1, three hundred deaths and extra than 116,800 injuries yearly.

Winter climate may be tough for drivers, regardless of their stage of expertise,” stated Jack R. Nerad, executive editorial director and govt market analyst for KBB.Com. “Preparation starts offevolved by way of purchasing a car with suitable winter using abilities, and it extends to paying close attention to critical info consisting of tires, washer fluid and other upkeep items which are vital to helping hold passengers secure in inclement weather.”

LIVE UPDATES: Mix of mild snow, rain, freezing rain should lead to the slick morning commute

Tips for Winter Driving

All-wheel pressure counts. All-wheel pressure aids acceleration and maximizes available traction, sending electricity to all four corners. This is available in handy while accelerating from a forestall on wet, icy or snowy surfaces and makes it less probable that you will get caught, especially on slippery inclines.

However, the type of tires on your car be counted extra. It’s crucial to understand that the tires are the handiest part of a vehicle that inevitably touches the floor. As a result, they’re ultimately answerable for the extent of traction a car will or might not have, no matter how good its traction control, stability control, or all-wheel force machine. If the tires can not grip on snow and ice, you’re no longer going anywhere. Snow tires (or “iciness” tires) provide more traction than all-season tires.


PennDOT declares automobile regulations for Wednesday typhoon
Snow, wintry mix moving in for Wednesday morning
Former scholar diagnosed with uncommon most cancers that killed a classmate
Vehicles slide off the steep road in Pittsburgh community
Major maintenance plan unveiled for South Hills Village

There is no one-size-suits-all setup. However, in which you live, the amount of blizzard the place sees, and your degree of riding comfort ought to dictate which sort of automobile and tires are proper for you. Keep in mind that iciness tires will put on rapidly in hotter temperatures so that you need to be geared up to exchange your iciness tires out when the weather changes.

Be realistic. While the top choice stays an all-wheel pressure automobile geared up with iciness tires, in case you’re budget-aware, the front-wheel force with iciness tires is every other reasonable option. Due to the rate top rate seen on modern all-wheel power motors, professionals endorse shopping for an automobile that suits your healthy lifestyle, instead of occasional wishes.

Don’t use a combined set of snow tires. Make sure to in shape matching snow tires to all four wheels, rather than a combined set at each end, which can compromise coping with.

Have your vehicle inspected by a depended on the mechanic. You must make sure your automobile has all important preservation done, such as checking tire pressure, fluid ranges, the characteristic of the heater, defroster, and wipers, in addition to the fitness of the brakes, battery, and all belts and hoses.

When unsure, gradual down. Even with a totally-winterized car, staying alert and touring at secure speeds are vital to riding correctly in wintry weather.

Driving in Europe pointers – Things you want to realize before putting off

Driving abroad may be very daunting given the variations in road laws, signage and velocity limits.

Some European international locations drive on the left and some at the right and there are varying velocity limits in each united states of america, some in mph and a few in km/h.

It’s smooth to feel a touch bit careworn and confused approximately what to do whilst you’re on the roads in Europe and to stay secure.

According to the EU’s coincidence facts, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Slovenia and Portugal are the five maximum risky European nations to drive in.

With the multiplied danger of using in those nations, drivers want to get clued up at the various street legal guidelines to save you a crash or an coincidence.

For anybody trying to explore those popular excursion locations through automobile, the experts at Rentalcars.Com, have compiled a listing of guidelines to ensure drivers stay safe and realize what to anticipate on the road.


Speed limits – The velocity restriction in Austria is 130km/h (81 mph) on a dual carriageway, 100km/h (62 mph) out of doors of constructed-up regions and 50km/h (31 mph) in constructed-up areas except otherwise indicated.

Knowing the velocity limits is arguably the maximum crucial manner to be as great prepared as possible when driving overseas, anywhere you are. Adhering to the local restrict isn’t just a felony requirement – it will save you you from incurring a hefty fine (which may be doubled if renting your automobile) and could put together you for the behaviour of different street customers. Speed limits on motorways in Austria are over 10mph higher than inside the UK, so be geared up for automobiles on the road to travel quicker than you is probably used to.

Since laws can be changed every now and then, we also suggest which you constantly take a look at the nearby velocity limits with the governing body of the u . S . A . You are visiting earlier than you journey.

Motorways – A toll sticky label, called a Mautvignette ought to be displayed in your windshield when touring on a highway or an express street. Failure to show one should result in an on-the-spot first-rate.

Also proper to realize:

Austria’s visitors mild system differs barely from that of the UK. A flashing inexperienced mild means that the inexperienced ‘go’ phase is about to give up and that motorists within affordable distance of the lights prepare to stop.
The use of the horn is usually banned in Vienna and out of doors of hospitals. It need to best be used in the event of hazard.

Speed limits – The encouraged pace restrict for motors up to three.Five tonnes (to position this into context, a Ford Fiesta weighs up to 1.3 tonnes) is,130km/h on motorways, 100km/h outside of built-up regions and as much as 50km/h in constructed-up areas, as in Austria.

Motorways – Some (very restricted) sections of the German autobahn don’t have any pace restrict, so be very cautious before deciding to overtake.It’s also critical to notice that roads in Germany do not have tolls for private cars (aside from automobile mixtures) underneath 7.5 tonnes.

Also good to realize:

Trams are extra famous in Europe than within the UK, so this will be a task to British drivers who may not be as used to them. In the United Kingdom, it’s towards the toll road code to overhaul a transferring tram, however in Germany trams may be overtaken on the right. If the space on the proper is inadequate, they’ll be overtaken at the left, or on either side in a one-manner road.
Emergency cars in Germany do now not constantly use audible as well as visible warning gadgets, not like those inside the UK. Because of this, drivers ought to look out for police motors, fire engines and ambulances with blue flashing lighting, as they’ll need to offer way to those even supposing they do now not have a siren.
Although the most degree of alcohol inside the blood is 0.05 in step with cent for drivers in Germany, similar to in Scotland and 0.03 according to cent decrease than in England or Wales, overseas drivers are situation to a blood alcohol restrict of zero in keeping with cent – that means 0 leniency for Brits using overseas in Germany.


Speed limits – the speed restriction for all automobiles is 120km/h on motorways and as much as 50 km/h in constructed-up areas.

Outside of urban regions, the velocity restriction differs among the Wallonia and Brussels Capital place, wherein the rate limit is 90km/h, and the Flemish location in which the velocity restrict is 70km/h. If you’re making plans a avenue ride across Belgium, its vital to be cautious of the feasible speed restrict changes you can come across.

Breaking down – Should you spoil down at the toll road and go away your vehicle, all passengers should be sporting reflective vests or threat an on-the-spot pleasant.

Also proper to recognize:

The policies here differ from Germany in that trams have absolute precedence over all different avenue users.
If you are popping out from a dust avenue or path, you must always supply manner to motorists on a surface avenue.
Audible warnings are prohibited until within the occasion of hazard, except outdoor of constructed-up regions, in which the horn can be used to warn different motorists of the aim to overhaul. However, among sunset and sunrise, you should flash your headlights instead of the usage of the horn.


Speed limits – For a small to medium-sized car, the speed limits in Slovenia are just like those of Austria and Germany: 130km/h on motorways, 110km/h on explicit roads, 90km/h on different roads outside of built-up areas and 50km/h inner built-up regions.

Though these are appreciably higher than UK speed limits, it ought to be mentioned that there are an increasing number of areas in the united states of america where the rate is restricted to 30km/h. These are indicated through *region 30* signs.

Motorways – There are nearly 620km of motorways in Slovenia and drivers must display a sticky label referred to as a vignette (similar to the Austrian Mautvignette) whilst journeying on motorways or express roads.

Also right to realize:

The vignette can be bought from petrol stations and in neighbouring international locations from tobacconists and some stores. You must purchase one before using at the charged network or you risk a nice.


Speed limits – Again, these are more liberal than inside the UK: 50km/h is the restrict in built-up areas, 90km/h the restriction outside of built-up areas and 120km/h the limit on motorways.

Motorways – In recent years electronic toll roads have come to be increasingly more not unusual in Portugal and in case you don’t pay, the fines can speedy add up.

Foreign drivers can pick among the TOLLcard to purchase credits the usage of coins, TOLLService, which lets in you to force on any digital toll road for a set charge, or EASYToll, a price tag that may be purchased on arrival into the us of a and lasts 30 days.

Also true to realize:

Motorists who have had their licence for less than a year should not exceed 90km/h.
Be aware that inexperienced lanes (marked with the aid of signs and symptoms saying ‘Via Verde’) are strictly reserved for drivers who use the Via Verde computerized price machine.
If a motive force flashes their lighting fixtures at you, they need you to offer manner.

Tips for driving inside the snow

Many Island drivers haven’t seen much snow, so it might be time to recall some driving pointers.

While cold weather tires aren’t mandatory everywhere, ICBC does advise at the least having M+S (mud and snow) tires, and a weather-equipped vehicle when taking to the street within the snow – that’s right oldsters, go away your sports activities automobiles at home.

Before you hit the road, Victoria Police are asking drivers to ensure to clean off your car of snow. While using, immoderate snow can slide off your vehicle and beat others.

ICBC’s most large tip for when you hit the roads is to power slow, reminding drivers that posted velocity signs are for best weather situations.

“The key to iciness using is to be gradual and steady – avoid surprising, unexpected actions that might motivate you to skid. That way you should accelerate lightly, steer and flip slowly and gradually, and brake slowly and early,” said ICBC Media spokesperson Lindsay Wilkins in an e-mail.

“Anticipate turns, stops and lane change well in advance. Use low-beam lighting fixtures and don’t use cruise control on slippery roads.

“You ought to also be aware of the variations between the usage of general and anti-lock brakes (ABS). For big brakes, pump them lightly; for ABS, apply steady pressure, and you’ll experience the brakes pulse (that is normal).”

In other phrases, if there’s snow on the roads faux, you’ve got a hot pot of gravy in your lap, and that’s in all likelihood a safe speed. Always provide your neighbor with a secure amount of distance.

If you need to speed up or slow down, faux that the gasoline pedal and brake are very delicate– tap them if they’re well-known brakes, lightly and quick. For ABS, much less pumping and extra slow, constant strain. Same on your gasoline pedal. Do not slam on your brakes. Do not step on the fuel – particularly in case you start sliding.

Keep control of your steering wheel and keep away from any sharp turns, just in case you hit a patch of black ice.

“Black ice is not possible to see ahead of time. That’s why it’s so essential to gradual down and maintain your distance from different vehicles,” Wilkins stated. “If you start to skid, ease off the accelerator and appearance and steer easily within the route you need to move. Be cautious no longer to over-steer and don’t break – this can make the scenario worse. You can also need to repeat this maneuver numerous times until you regain manage.”

ICBC warns that the maximum commonplace places for black ice include shaded regions, bridges, overpasses, and intersections in which packed snow and automobile exhaust freeze fast.

When using in slush, ICBC recommends watching out for ridges of increase, advising that humans wait for a definite location before any lane modifications.

If you get caught, ICBC recommends clearing the snow from around your tires and placing something in the front of the tires to advantage traction, which includes old mats, carpets, salt, sand or cat clutter. Then, rock from side to side to get greater distance till you’re able to circulate. If that doesn’t make paintings, you may name for roadside assistance, or 911 if it’s an emergency.

Safe Driving Tips For The Big Game This Weekend

ATLANTA, Jan. 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — This weekend is an ideal time to make use of secure riding strategies and think earlier than you get behind the wheel. “A Breathalyzer in Every Bar” reminds the public to be safe and sober for you to save you injuries and deaths.

Throughout Atlanta, there is about 40 Breathalyzer in Every Bar merchandising machines, inclusive of Crowne Sports Bar and Grill in Norcross, and Tony’s Sports Bar and Grill in Duluth. As a preventative tool, the devices allow consumers to test their breath alcohol stages to make sure they can power domestic thoroughly, especially this weekend in the course of the Big Game when consuming and riding deaths increase.

“I usually make it a point to use the machine any time we visit a bar that has a breathalyzer vending machine. It’s an amusing manner to hold myself in the test. I suppose it creates a consciousness which activates human beings to speak approximately the legal guidelines bearing on consuming and using,” says client Brittany Heggen of Atlanta.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2015 on common one American become killed in a drunk riding crash every 51 minutes. Alcohol-impaired visitors fatalities frequently spike on holidays and memorable drinking days, like “Super Bowl Sunday.” NHTSA’s Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk marketing campaign encourages people to make plans ahead of time for a secure journey home from a celebration:

Check out NHTSA’s SaferRide app, which can connect you to a neighborhood cab organization or with a sober buddy.
Sign-up for a trip-sharing provider, like Uber or Lyft, earlier than heading out for the night.
Name exact drivers as your party’s MVPs for helping to get people home accurately.