The middle, which is part of the Edgewood Independent School District, helps college students who’re 18 to 21 years old and feature unique desires get paintings abilities and schooling which can result in employment and independent living.

It keeps to make more prominent, and for the second year, features a bike repair and renovation keep named Dos Calles Bike Shop. San Antonio police Officer Steven Bazany helps teach the magnificence.

“Last 12 months, we did amazing. We had a great six months of simply learning and joking around with the guys, and all of them took their motorcycles domestic,” Bazany stated. “Then they came back this year and said, ‘Hey are we able to repeat that application because all the kids need to get in.’”


Bazany is the bicycle coordinator for the San Antonio Police Department and has laboured with and been around bicycles for years.

It is being capable of educating these young men how to repair and keep a motorbike approach teaching them independence, as nicely.

“This is probably going to be their best mode of transportation apart from VIA or a person else giving them a ride,” Bazany said. “This gives them an opportunity to be independent. They don’t have to rely upon everybody. They can depend on themselves.”

Bazany jokes around and laughs with the group. They are eager to research, get their palms dirty and get to work.

Sarah Minner, the software expert at the Burleson Center, said Dos Calles has grown sufficient to assist the students in diverse ways.

“Aside from their pleasure, they’re satisfied,” Minner said. “They love doing it and, similarly to that, is their self-self belief, the knowledge and competencies they may be taking far away from it.”

Aside from all the amusing in the classroom, Bazany needs to expose these college students some other side of a law enforcement officer.

Bazany stated that, for many of these college students, their only touch or publicity with regulation enforcement officials is because of an unfortunate situation.

“How do you get a good image of humans while all you see is within the terrible state of affairs?” Bazany said. “They’re getting used to managing me, attending to see cops in a distinct light.”

The ultimate aim of the elegance is to get bikes lower back on the road and construct competencies and friendships to be able to final a lifetime.

“It’s truly a groovy way of interacting with these young men,” Bazany said. “They are surely unique human beings. Not simply due to their talents, however because of their personalities and the manner they see existence.”

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