SAN ANTONIO — A nearby bike owner is fed up after he’s had too many near calls with drivers.

Samuel Parra located a digital camera on his bicycle after he turned into involved in a success-and-run coincidence closing yr.

Parra shared a video with KENS 5 of a truck almost jogging him off the street, passing him at a high speed and leaving little space among the vehicle and his motorcycle.

He stated he spends lots of time driving his bike to work and other places because it’s inexpensive than spending cash on fuel.

“Normally I just do rides through the city and I’ll do approximately 60, 70 miles an afternoon,” Parra said.

However, Parra said he’s conscious that being on his bike may want to place him in danger when drivers are not paying interest.

“It’s continually just kind of there that perhaps I might be hit or something might take place,” he said.

Since he’s mounted the digital camera, he has caught on video the moments when drivers making last-minute turns in the front of him, causing him to run off the street.

“It’s the humans that sort of reduce me off or pace beyond me wherein I’m absolutely worried,” Parra said. “They simply want to sluggish down. So you get home 10 seconds early—is it definitely well worth killing somebody over 10 seconds of it slow?”

He stated he established the camera to capture drivers in the act, so if the worst has to take place, he has it caught on video.

“We want to do something positive about this as a community. We cannot simply take a seat with the aid of and, maintain telling human beings we need motorbike lanes,” he stated. “We ought to be greater lively.”

Parra is becoming a member of with others in the San Antonio biking community to elevate awareness by selling the “Give three ft” campaign.

“It’s a marketing campaign that was virtually introduced to our attention from a regulation that exists that you should supply riders that three ft clearance whilst you’re on your car and you pass them,” said motorcycle shop proprietor Marty Schlesinger.

Schlesinger owns and operates the Hub MRKT in Southtown. He stated San Antonio is behind other cities of the identical size for cycling infrastructure.

“If it will remain so slow to get improvements and committed motorcycle lanes, could we at least check to empower the infrastructure that we have in the region, by getting a road sweeper, or get personnel to preserve the present pathways and right away for biking and make it a more secure environment?” Schlesinger requested.

Adding advanced infrastructure is a part of Mayor Ron Nirenberg’s connects plan, which includes adding forty miles of barrier-blanketed motorcycle lanes throughout the city.

A spokesperson for ConnectSA said the addition of those plans is slated to be completed inside the subsequent 5 years.

In the period in-between, they stated they have made severa displays soliciting comments on a multi-modal transportation plan, and preserving roundtable discussions with cycling businesses from across the metropolis.

connect also has a survey they may be encouraging citizens to complete, wherein all remarks will be sent to metropolis council and county elected officials.

Schlesinger said the lack of infrastructure, and cyclists’ protection issues, can be a deterrent for individuals who want to cycle inside the town.

“Half the reason we have numerous those instances is due to the fact drivers are preoccupied with something else at the same time as they are behind the wheel and not paying interest or they may be in a rush. And, worse but, (who) have a look at cyclists as a nuisance and an obstacle this is in their manner, not as humans,” Schlesinger said.

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