Chinese electric car startup Nio aspires to be the Tesla of China. To attain that, its founder and CEO William Li wants his customers to experience like their part of a specific club.

While reporting at the burgeoning Chinese electric vehicle enterprise for 60 Minutes this week, contributing correspondent Holly Williams observed that Li is taking an in particular precise technique in his agency’s branding. He needs customers to recognize that Nio is a luxurious automobile—and a lot more.

“That’s a cliché,” Williams informed 60 Minutes Overtime within the video above. “A lot of corporations that sell things, that sell stuff nowadays want to tell you that they are a way of life organization. But I think with Nio, there is a detail of reality to it.”

Li’s target audience is the brand new, growing organization of upper-middle elegance Chinese, people who have had money for sufficient time to buy the matters they want and are targeted on reinventing their lifestyles. According to Williams, Li thinks Nio may be part of that transformation by presenting unique access to a social network.

To begin with, Nio offers its clients the Nio app. In addition to imparting practical assistance to Nio drivers, such as dispatching a cell charging station to restore a dead battery, the app also connects customers to a whole social network of other Nio proprietors.

Li has additionally constructed a handful of private social golf equipment known as Nio Houses. Located in big Chinese cities, Nio Houses characteristic a car showroom on the original floor and a private clubhouse on the second one ground, that’s only open to Nio vehicle proprietors. Nio Houses provide several perks, along with guides on topics like flower arranging and coffee making, and personal rooms where Nio owners can hold business meetings.

Li hopes that entry to Nio Houses will become something of a standing image.

“It’s an area to socialize,” Williams stated. “And the concept is that Nio allows provide them a form of higher-center-class way of life.”

Williams admitted that she turned into to start with skeptical of the Nio House appeal. But after speaking with some clients inside the Beijing Nio House, she began to understand the charm.

Williams met Ben Cui, a middle-elderly Chinese guy who had purchased merely a Nio SUV. Cui told Williams that he become keen to wait for events on the Nio House—he desired to learn how to make coffee, even as his spouse turned into looking ahead to the flower arranging instructions.

He also stated he saw the Nio community as a manner to make buddies. In truth, Cui said that the social factor is what in the long run satisfied him to buy a Nio, in place of a foreign-made automobile.

He Chinese authorities incentivizes its citizens to buy electric-powered cars of any logo. Michael Dunne, a former General Motors pinnacle government and vehicle enterprise representative in Asia, informed Williams the Chinese government waives the fee for the license to buy a vehicle if that car is electric. In Shanghai, Dunne said, that license usually expenses as much as $13,000. The Chinese authorities additionally subsidize the acquisition of electric automobiles with as much as $10,000 in rebates to keep the charges greater in line with gas-powered vehicles.

Because domestic vehicles haven’t any import expenses, lifestyleNio fees about $60,000—roughly 1/2 the charge a consumer in China could pay for a Tesla.

Li hopes the attraction of electric vehicles—along with Nio’s unique social network—might be enough to trap the brand new Chinese upper-middle elegance to buy a Nio.

“If you’re shopping for an automobile, you’re now not just buying a vehicle,” Li instructed Williams. “You’re buying a price ticket to a new life-style.”

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