The beginning day of the Bathurst 1000 weekend became highlighted by using a primary crash for the #nine Penrite Racing automobile driven by way of 2017 Great Race winners David Reynolds and Luke Youlden, but the vehicle has been repaired beforehand of time for Practice four.


In the second one exercise session, Youlden made a moderate mistake and the auto hit the wall heavily at The Grate suffering extreme damage which resulted in the pair missing Practice 3.

Yesterday the crew set a goal to complete the upkeep by way of lunchtime nowadays, but the activity was finished at 5.00 am this morning while the sound of the car firing up echoed around The Mountain.

According to Penrite Racing CEO Barry Ryan, the car needed extra maintenance than the first concept and turned into very complimentary of the team’s effort.

“Yeah we are nicely and honestly beforehand of that (lunchtime purpose) and we did more work than we wanted to achieve this we’re manner ahead it’s miles sincerely correct,” he stated

“The whole Penrite Racing crew have completed a top-notch task.

“We break up the group up, and we handiest had the six guys who stayed right here all night, I become one of them.

“But it’s far a part of Bathurst, unfortunately, it once in a while takes place you are continually going to place the car lower back at the music.”

Ryan feels that the car has come out higher than what he concept, and there is no purpose why the car can’t be aggressive for the rest of the weekend.

“I think we’ve completed a higher task than we anticipated we’d be capable of do, we repaired it much like ideal, there’s no cause why we will still be on pole today,” he said.

The front-right corner of the car took the brunt of the effect in the crash and its miles said that this segment on my own has seen a number of roll cage bars changed.

In the two 60 minute exercise classes this morning the team could have the opportunity to get Youlden back inside the automobile to dirt off any cobwebs that can have evolved in a single day.

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