I love the Tour de France and this yr I wish to take an own family experience to France to observe a couple of stages within the Alps, however, while my daughter requested me if women can be racing, I became perplexed. I could have fobbed her off with the lame vintage excuses about a lack of hobby from enthusiasts and a loss of sponsorship from the enterprise. However, I knew they had been pink herrings. Where there’s a will, there is a way, yet regrettably, the desire of race organisers and the media is deplorably lacking. In current weeks that has been blatantly obvious, and those who have to know higher have discovered their proper shades.

Currently, Tour de France organizers ASO keep a token, one-day race for girls in July known as La Course, but any hopes of that expanding to a complete “Tour” had been quashed with the aid of the occasion director, Christian Prudhomme.

He advised newshounds: “I would now not know the way to organize such an event in July.” But genuinely organizing a ladies’ Tour de France to run simultaneously with the guys’ occasion wouldn’t be a big stretch for an organization along with ASO – all of the infrastructures are in the area, the sector’s media is watching, and the enthusiasts are lining the road.

Of direction, the event can be run out of doors of July. However the already-packed calendar would limit this, and it is also then efficiently a separate occasion that, from my revel in, would be greater of an assignment to organize than a mixed event.

The gender inequality in biking is shamefully backed up by way of depressing and repeated acts of misogyny and discriminatory behavior. A very latest example was while Belgian bike owner, Iljo Keisse and his team-associates, have been asked by way of a girl fan to pose for a picture together with her. Keisse stood at the back of her, representing in an extremely degrading manner. That behavior turned into unacceptable, however even more depressing was the response from Keisse’s group supervisor, Patrick Lefevre, who got the crew to boycott the rostrum presentation in protest to the £60 first-class his rider acquired for his behavior.

The way of life of misogyny is overlooked in recreation, and a way forward out of the pit of inequality is driven to the aspect as a culture, and logistical problems are given as feeble excuses for enterprise as usual.

When a women’s three weeks Tour de France is even recommended the Wolfpack coming howling at the door of social media and those in power turn the other way, mainstream media ignores the girl’s blazing trails for their game, which includes Sanne Cant who has just gained her third consecutive Cyclocross World Championship. While folks who are confronting the troubles that face them are held up as agitators and troublemakers for the game.

I need my daughter to develop up with the values and beliefs that her input into society is as legitimate and valued as that of another individual, regardless of gender. At the moment I am deeply disappointed that the game of biking does no longer appear to proportion these beliefs.

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