Mazda is anticipated to verify the revival of its iconic rotary engine later this week, stoking rumors that a brand new RX-badged sports automobile may be within the works.

The Japanese carmaker launched a teaser picture on Chinese social media website online Weibo, displaying a photo of its first rotary-engined version, the 1967 Cosmo coupe, along with the tagline “rotor engines make the sector extra stunning”, Autocar reports.

It is the idea that Mazda may use a rotary motor – which makes use of triangular rotors in place of the extra conventional piston-powered combustion engines – to assist increase the variety of its next-era hybrid cars, the mag says.

However, Mazda chief Mitsuo Hitomi instructed the magazine in advance this yr that the company become growing a standalone rotary engine and hinted that it can power a brand new version as a way to exist along with the soon-to-be-introduced hybrid.

What’s extra, the corporation currently filed patents for a front-engined sports activities car with an engine bay that’s huge enough for a rotary motor but too small for a piston engine. According to CNet, an organization insider claims that the patents element a brand new “RX-9”.

Mazda is expected to announce its plans for the rotary revival on Friday. For now, even though, right here are all of the – unconfirmed – reviews approximately the rumored RX-nine:
When will it come out?

There’s no professional word on while the so-known as RX-nine will release. Mazda, however, celebrates its a centesimal birthday in 2020, and CNet believes the company ought to use its centennial birthday party to release the sports activities car.

Judging via the recently leaked patents, allegedly showing the RX-nine, the sports activities automobile will take the form of a “the front-mid engine layout”, notes Motor1. This method the engine is located beforehand of the driver but is positioned in the back of the front axle and in the direction of the center of the auto.

Mazda will allegedly use a combination of “carbon fiber strengthened plastic” and aluminum inside the hope of preserving weight down to a minimum, the car news website online says.

While the patents do little to show the auto’s exterior design, Mazda’s RX-Vision idea (pictured top) from the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show may want to function a preview to the RX-9.

The RX-Vision has a similar front-engined format as the vehicle within the patents, at the side of a low roofline and a passenger cellular that sits properly in the front of the rear axle.

Mazda has additionally transferred a number of layout factors from the RX-Vision into its latest production fashions. For example, the RX-Vision’s low nose and sizable grille may be located on the brand new Mazda three hatchback, as can the concept’s circular tail-lights and glossy body panels.

Details regarding the RX-9’s powertrain are scarce, but it’s broadly believed that the car might be powered through a new rotary motor.

The engine configuration is something of a rarity in the enterprise, but the agency’s RX-7 (produced in various guises from 1978 to 2002) and its RX-eight (discontinued in 2012) were both characterized by the unusual motor.

According to Autocar, Mazda has filed a patent for a turbocharger that’s designed to work in conjunction with a rotor motor, suggesting the RX-9 will function some shape of compelled induction to reinforce overall performance even as in turn improving performance.

Like its predecessors, electricity is expected to be sent to the rear axle. However, it’s not but known whether or not Mazda will provide a guide transmission – a popular choice amongst overall performance car customers in Europe.

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