Among all different injuries, road injuries are the maximum commonplace in India. In 2017, there have been around four, sixty-six,000 street injuries wherein 147,913 men and women died. With a population of a little over 1.33 billion and 182.45 million registered motors, India has a site visitors collision charge of about zero.8 in step with a thousand registered cars. As per a survey locating, a majority of street injuries (78%) are due to the driver’s fault which incorporates incidents like overspeeding, hit and run instances and riding underneath the influence of alcohol.

In order to shield your self from sudden economic prices because of damage for your car, the satisfactory component to buy is comprehensive motor insurance on your automobile. A motor insurance automobile includes two important additives— Third Party (TP) Damage and Own Damage (OD). While TP insurance presents cover to 1/3 parties which encompass other character’s vehicle and property, OD coverage covers for damage for your very own car.

In any road twist of fate, the first actual element that involves the automobile proprietor’s thoughts is motor insurance until there’s any casualty. Anyone could think of making a claim with the insurer to get the automobile repaired. However, making a declare with the insurer after an accident is not usually a high-quality concept. There are severa factors that one ought to don’t forget earlier than creating a declare which will enjoy most blessings.

Whether to record a claim or not basically depends on —impact on no-claim bonus (NCB), the quantum of loss and deductibles. However, it is continually really useful to avoid filing a claim in case the amount is low. Here’s what role some of these elements play within the claim filing process.

Impact on No-Claim Bonus The no-declare bonus (NCB) is usually a bargain that the insurer offers on the following yr’s premium if the policyholder does no longer document any declare inside the modern policy 12 months or at the stop of a declare-free yr. Usually, the NCB starts at 20% for the primary declare-free yr and progressively increases with each declare-free 12 months transferring forward. The most cut price that you can still declare is 50%. However, one has to analyze that if any claim is made in any of the years, the NCB will become 0.


Motor coverage has a ‘deductible’ element or clause under which a part of any declare amount needs to be paid by means of the policyholder. During any declare that you have filed, the deductible amount has to be paid by using the policyholder and the remaining is paid by means of the insurer. This is the cause why it’s miles taken into consideration better now not to file a claim for a smaller quantity as at instances you may become paying extra than the quantity paid by the insurer due to the deductible clause.

Quantum of loss

Quantum of loss manner the character of the claim in which the insurer verifies whether the damage to the auto is because of the fault of the driver or the 0.33 party. For instance, if a person hits your automobile from in the back of, chances are that the insurer will approve the claim. However, if the fault is yours and such claims are pretty common, the insurer attaches excessive prices and approves the simplest a partial quantity of the declare. It is consequently beneficial to get the right calculations earlier than submitting a declare.

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