Every yr in India, many students graduating from college get their driver’s license. But using is a massive obligation and right here are a few suggestions for people who’ve simply acquired their license to power.

Safety First

Seatbelts are obligatory in each automobile and all present-day automobiles come outfitted with it. One should continually put on their seat belt at all times even as using with reference to safety and now not just the regulation. It must grow to be a muscle memory; whenever you get within the vehicle, fastening the seatbelt is the primary aspect you should do. Also encourage your passengers to put on their seat belts, as with the aid of regulation, the driver is responsible in the event that they don’t and it’ll replicate for your license.

Know your Limits

Every avenue has its personal pace limit, be privy to the limit of the street you are on and in case you aren’t assured at that pace yet, stick with the ways left lane as a gradual vehicle on the proper or middle lane is pretty risky for you and different vehicles. The proper lanes are for overtaking and usually vehicle tour tons quicker on them.


In India or in any proper-hand power country, overtaking should continually be accomplished from the right of the vehicle in front of you. As the driving force sits at the right, it’s miles moral and the regulation to overhaul from the right. Overtaking from the left is riskier because the driver is much less likely to be privy to what is on his a ways aspect. For you and others riding. The right lanes are for overtaking and commonly, the motors journey a lot faster on these lanes.

Changing Lanes

In all instances, you are required to signify earlier than changing lanes. Whether it’s far left or right, the driving force should illustrate to permit other drivers around understand that you intend to drag out of the lane you’re in. Most new automobiles come with lane changing signs which allow you to click the stalk as soon as which flashes the signs to mild up for a small duration in which you are to maneuverer to the subsequent lane. Never exchange lanes abruptly, you must recognize wherein your trajectory and path is and plan in advance to transport over to the facet you want to turn nicely ahead. Also, always take a look at your blind spots before you are making your pass.

Considerate Driving

Always be courteous to other drivers who you proportion the road with. You need to now not, underneath any situations, block another vehicle on the street. Use the left lanes if you’re using slow and don’t take excess area whilst you park your automobile. Allow pedestrians to skip earlier than you, especially senior residents and youngsters. When driving via populated areas, usually gradual down and be alert for children abruptly crossing the road or senior residents.

Know Your Car

The greater you force, the better you’ll get to know how your automobile behaves in one-of-a-kind conditions. Every vehicle has different characteristics that are particular to them and behave differently. Another way to grow to be a better motive force is to know how your car works. Ask a skilled individual approximately the exceptional components under the bonnet and their functions. This will allow you to understand how a car works, and must something pass wrong, you are aware or capable of gauge and troubleshoot the hassle and now not ought to continually depend on a mechanic as a few troubles may be resolved without difficulty through yourself.

Eliminate All Distractions

Anything that takes a driver’s attention from the road is a distraction, and distractions may be risky. At the pinnacle of the listing of risky distractions are cellular telephones, whether they’re used for speakme or texting. I placed the cell cellphone away at the same time as driving. Also earlier than you spark off, set and adjust your stereo and navigation so that you don’t have to do it even as riding.

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