Keeping your bike in tip-top shape approach everyday preservation, preventative measures, and the occasional on-the-road brief restoration.

Here are 9 motion pictures that train you the basics in simple smooth steps — from lubing a sequence, overhauling a hub and replacing a cable to making use of a tire patch and extra.

1. Lubricate a motorbike chain
Keeping your motorcycle’s chain jogging easily enables lessen friction — and makes the ones lengthy uphills in your go back and forth just a little bit less complicated — while assisting shield your bike against weather and rust.

It’s also one of the simplest fixes: You simply want a rag, degreaser, and lube.

2. Overhaul a hub

Travis Martin of Mad Dog Cycles indicates you how to overhaul your cycle’s hub by means of the usage of the right gear — the most vital part of any task — to take the hub aside, easy the cone, and set up new ball bearings.

Pro tip: Wear gloves to maintain your arms from getting too greasy.

3. Replace a cable

If your motorbike’s cables are rusted, frayed, or seized, then replacing them is a vital step toward secure and a hit using.

Here, the group of workers of Factory Direct Bikes indicates you how to put off and reattach tools and brake cables.

4. Apply a tire patch

From locating the cut on your tire and sanding the seam to adding a perfectly easy, tight tire patch, this collection of quick motion pictures from bicycle shop owner Parker Ramspott will get you returned on the trails in file time.

5. Fix a slipped chain
A slipping chain generally approaches it’s time to update the worn-out piece with a brand new one — and the usage of a chain checker allows you to recognize for certain.

But if you suppose your chain has some existence left in it, watch for suggestions on what else to look for to remedy the problem.

6. Install a chain

If your skipping chain does need to be absolutely changed, you may purchase a single one and install it yourself.

Mad Dog Cycles’ Travis Martin walks you via the exceptional sizes of chains so that you can discover the one it is proper for you.

7. Remove a pedal crank

No count why you’re doing away with your pedal crank — cleansing and preservation, get admission to to exclusive trouble — the method is the identical: You’ll need a preferred wrench or socket and a “bike particular” crank arm extractor.

8. Install a tire

Knowing a way to installation and change a tire earlier than you get stranded on your annual three-day ride can prevent a variety of time and problem — mainly whilst it is as clean to do as this video makes it.

9. Build a stand

Many of these tasks will take a fragment of the effort and time if you have a stand to preserve the motorbike steady.

This four-mins video suggests you how to assemble one from Make magazine, that’s made generally of galvanized pipe.

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