HARVEY, Ill. (WLS) —
A Harvey lady contacted the I-Team pronouncing an “unfair automobile repair” dispute could have value her masses of dollars for no paintings.

The mechanic stated it changed into a false impression and he’d make top on a refund.

“I did obtain the take a look at, it did coins!” stated Angeline Lewis.

Lewis’s 2010 Audi nonetheless sits vain, without a running engine. But now she has money to help pay for a restore.

Lewis contacted the I-Team after she turned to One Stop Auto Clinic in Harvey and paid a $1,900 down payment in coins on a $five,seven-hundred process for a new engine plus exertions. She has a receipt, but their agreement turned into only verbal.

Lewis stated after several weeks of now not listening to about progress, she became involved and had the car towed returned domestic.

She also recorded a cellphone communication with the restore save owner, Khaled Mubarek, in which he said he might provide her a partial refund because he stated he had already spent $500 on an engine deposit.


However, he also said he would be able to get a “credit score” from the junkyard on that engine deposit.

Lewis by no means saw a reimbursement, so the I-group requested the owner approximately it.

Jason Knowles: “When have to she count on to look the $1,four hundred?

Mubarek: “In next 2 weeks, I provide it to her.”

Lewis these days were given that check.

“Now I even have began the manner to restore my car…And Channel 7, massive kudos to you for having the investigative section, because it’s so substantially needed,” Lewis stated.

The repair store owner additionally said he had wanted the purchaser to pay for most people of the work before he hooked up the engine, but once more not anything turned into in writing.

Experts say both the customers and mechanics have to make certain there’s a detailed, written timeline to defend anybody. Also, use a credit card so that you can disputes charges.

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