Your vehicle insurance will now not be valid if you fail to hold your MOT and automobile tax updated.

Car tax, MOT and coverage are all requirements of motorists earlier than they hit the street and understandably there are punishments for a failure to do that.

Matt Oliver, from GoCompare Car Insurance, defined to Express.Co.United kingdom why you need to maintain these things up to date and what punishments you can face.

He stated: “Failing to pay car tax can result in a fine of as much as £1,000, in addition to invalidating your automobile coverage.

“You are anticipated to keep your tax up to date at all times, so you shouldn’t wait till your tax expires earlier than renewing it.

“If the MOT on your vehicle has expired, your car coverage will become invalid.

“Driving with out an MOT is a crook offence and also you run the risk of going through a £1,000 high-quality and a fee of six-eight points on your licence with the aid of driving without one.

“Just as it’s a criminal offence to pressure without an MOT, it’s additionally unlawful to drive with out valid automobile insurance.

“As a minimal, all motors must as a minimum 1/3-birthday celebration cowl.

“If you force without an MOT or car tax you may face a quality, have your car impounded or even face a court docket prosecution.

“It’s an offence to maintain an uninsured car at the driveway or in a storage without registering it as being unused with the DVLA through a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN) – so do this in case you’re not going to promote the car or insure it each time quickly.

Thankfully, checking your tax, MOT and insurance is easy and takes a count number of mins, which could prevent you run-in into troubles.

Checking your MOT is straightforward and may be performed with the aid of travelling this hyperlink. You’ll want to have your vehicle’s make and registration quantity that allows you to do this.

A new MOT reminder carrier turned into installation a few years in the past to be able to send you a message 4 weeks earlier than your MOT take a look at date which can help prevent you from forgetting it.

Car tax can also be checked on line and you’ll handiest need your vehicle’s registration numbers.

Car tax standing orders may be installation which means that that it will likely be robotically renewed, meaning that even in case you neglect your renewal date you’re now not going to be fined.

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