Driving abroad may be very daunting given the variations in road laws, signage and velocity limits.

Some European international locations drive on the left and some at the right and there are varying velocity limits in each united states of america, some in mph and a few in km/h.

It’s smooth to feel a touch bit careworn and confused approximately what to do whilst you’re on the roads in Europe and to stay secure.

According to the EU’s coincidence facts, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Slovenia and Portugal are the five maximum risky European nations to drive in.

With the multiplied danger of using in those nations, drivers want to get clued up at the various street legal guidelines to save you a crash or an coincidence.

For anybody trying to explore those popular excursion locations through automobile, the experts at Rentalcars.Com, have compiled a listing of guidelines to ensure drivers stay safe and realize what to anticipate on the road.


Speed limits – The velocity restriction in Austria is 130km/h (81 mph) on a dual carriageway, 100km/h (62 mph) out of doors of constructed-up regions and 50km/h (31 mph) in constructed-up areas except otherwise indicated.

Knowing the velocity limits is arguably the maximum crucial manner to be as great prepared as possible when driving overseas, anywhere you are. Adhering to the local restrict isn’t just a felony requirement – it will save you you from incurring a hefty fine (which may be doubled if renting your automobile) and could put together you for the behaviour of different street customers. Speed limits on motorways in Austria are over 10mph higher than inside the UK, so be geared up for automobiles on the road to travel quicker than you is probably used to.

Since laws can be changed every now and then, we also suggest which you constantly take a look at the nearby velocity limits with the governing body of the u . S . A . You are visiting earlier than you journey.

Motorways – A toll sticky label, called a Mautvignette ought to be displayed in your windshield when touring on a highway or an express street. Failure to show one should result in an on-the-spot first-rate.

Also proper to realize:

Austria’s visitors mild system differs barely from that of the UK. A flashing inexperienced mild means that the inexperienced ‘go’ phase is about to give up and that motorists within affordable distance of the lights prepare to stop.
The use of the horn is usually banned in Vienna and out of doors of hospitals. It need to best be used in the event of hazard.

Speed limits – The encouraged pace restrict for motors up to three.Five tonnes (to position this into context, a Ford Fiesta weighs up to 1.3 tonnes) is,130km/h on motorways, 100km/h outside of built-up regions and as much as 50km/h in constructed-up areas, as in Austria.

Motorways – Some (very restricted) sections of the German autobahn don’t have any pace restrict, so be very cautious before deciding to overtake.It’s also critical to notice that roads in Germany do not have tolls for private cars (aside from automobile mixtures) underneath 7.5 tonnes.

Also good to realize:

Trams are extra famous in Europe than within the UK, so this will be a task to British drivers who may not be as used to them. In the United Kingdom, it’s towards the toll road code to overhaul a transferring tram, however in Germany trams may be overtaken on the right. If the space on the proper is inadequate, they’ll be overtaken at the left, or on either side in a one-manner road.
Emergency cars in Germany do now not constantly use audible as well as visible warning gadgets, not like those inside the UK. Because of this, drivers ought to look out for police motors, fire engines and ambulances with blue flashing lighting, as they’ll need to offer way to those even supposing they do now not have a siren.
Although the most degree of alcohol inside the blood is 0.05 in step with cent for drivers in Germany, similar to in Scotland and 0.03 according to cent decrease than in England or Wales, overseas drivers are situation to a blood alcohol restrict of zero in keeping with cent – that means 0 leniency for Brits using overseas in Germany.


Speed limits – the speed restriction for all automobiles is 120km/h on motorways and as much as 50 km/h in constructed-up areas.

Outside of urban regions, the velocity restriction differs among the Wallonia and Brussels Capital place, wherein the rate limit is 90km/h, and the Flemish location in which the velocity restrict is 70km/h. If you’re making plans a avenue ride across Belgium, its vital to be cautious of the feasible speed restrict changes you can come across.

Breaking down – Should you spoil down at the toll road and go away your vehicle, all passengers should be sporting reflective vests or threat an on-the-spot pleasant.

Also proper to recognize:

The policies here differ from Germany in that trams have absolute precedence over all different avenue users.
If you are popping out from a dust avenue or path, you must always supply manner to motorists on a surface avenue.
Audible warnings are prohibited until within the occasion of hazard, except outdoor of constructed-up regions, in which the horn can be used to warn different motorists of the aim to overhaul. However, among sunset and sunrise, you should flash your headlights instead of the usage of the horn.


Speed limits – For a small to medium-sized car, the speed limits in Slovenia are just like those of Austria and Germany: 130km/h on motorways, 110km/h on explicit roads, 90km/h on different roads outside of built-up areas and 50km/h inner built-up regions.

Though these are appreciably higher than UK speed limits, it ought to be mentioned that there are an increasing number of areas in the united states of america where the rate is restricted to 30km/h. These are indicated through *region 30* signs.

Motorways – There are nearly 620km of motorways in Slovenia and drivers must display a sticky label referred to as a vignette (similar to the Austrian Mautvignette) whilst journeying on motorways or express roads.

Also right to realize:

The vignette can be bought from petrol stations and in neighbouring international locations from tobacconists and some stores. You must purchase one before using at the charged network or you risk a nice.


Speed limits – Again, these are more liberal than inside the UK: 50km/h is the restrict in built-up areas, 90km/h the restriction outside of built-up areas and 120km/h the limit on motorways.

Motorways – In recent years electronic toll roads have come to be increasingly more not unusual in Portugal and in case you don’t pay, the fines can speedy add up.

Foreign drivers can pick among the TOLLcard to purchase credits the usage of coins, TOLLService, which lets in you to force on any digital toll road for a set charge, or EASYToll, a price tag that may be purchased on arrival into the us of a and lasts 30 days.

Also true to realize:

Motorists who have had their licence for less than a year should not exceed 90km/h.
Be aware that inexperienced lanes (marked with the aid of signs and symptoms saying ‘Via Verde’) are strictly reserved for drivers who use the Via Verde computerized price machine.
If a motive force flashes their lighting fixtures at you, they need you to offer manner.

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