Dear Penny,

After our car broke down, buddies suggested us to get an electric powered scooter as a reasonably-priced, fuel-efficient opportunity. I recognize we’ll be transferring in 12 months, and we’ll promote the motorcycle while we do.

With that in mind, we’re wondering if it’d be higher to buy a brilliant cheap, secondhand scooter and now not tackle any debt, or purchase a new motorcycle and get financing for it.

I think we’ll be capable of promoting it for the rest of the mortgage balance when we circulate, and we should have a pleasing scooter for just the value of the monthly payments.

What do you think? If we do pass this course, what must we search for while thinking about financing?

This scooter seems like more work than it’s worth. But allow’s explore it.

On paper, a scooter can also sound like the appropriate way to zip around the metropolis. In many areas, you can without difficulty and difficulty break out with being automobile-free thanks to the arrival of trip-hailing services, public transit and the improved incidence of bike lanes.

But you’ll nevertheless have to lug groceries, take the canine to the vet or tour with additional humans sometimes.

Once you add up the value of the scooter, scooter coverage and people extra trips that have to be made through the conventional car, does it make extra sense to get another automobile? A vehicle with four wheels that could cross at the highway without topping out at 35 mph?

If this became a solution to desiring wheels however now not being able to have the funds for a whole car, I’d say go for the scooter. Estimates for the fee of car possession range from $8,000 to $12,000 in step with yr when you add up bills, coverage, gas and all the rest, which means something much less than that may be a win.

But you’re playing with the concept of having a shiny new scooter for only some months of use. If you had been devoted to a lifestyle change for a long time, you’d purchase the brand new motorcycle and love the heck out of it. You could never have thought about writing in to invite approximately it.

You speak approximately the brief. And the transient seems like novelty greater than practicality.

Let’s say you’re thinking about scooter life as your forever lifestyles. I’d nevertheless endorse for the used one to start as you get your scooter legs and build up your self-assurance on the street. With a brand new scooter, you’ll probably need collision insurance, that could dramatically power up the fee of ensuring it.

I commend the toe-dip right into a car-free way of life, but a yearlong stopgap does not a way of life make.

So start low (on price and engine size), start sluggish (put on a helmet, my buddy) and building up to a shiny new two-wheeler in case you find it without a doubt fits your way of life.

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