Your headlights have to be used if it’s miles raining. It is a crime to not use your headlights.
You ought to alternate your windshield wipers each 12 months, in particular if it sits out of doors.
In city, you need to drive 5 mph slower than the rate limit while it is raining, at the motorway 10 mph slower. Driving any quicker or slower is risky to other drivers.
Try using at the “wipe marks” from the car in the front of you. It’s the drier a part of the road wherein the motors tires had been.

Avoid driving over large puddles on the street. Farnsworth stated, “If you can not avoid riding in it, then sluggish down before you cross into it because if the water splashed up it can get your brakes wet and whilst your breaks are wet they do not paintings as well.”
If you begin to slide, Farnsworth says, “You allow off the damage and also you steer within the route you want the auto to move,” stated Farnsworth. “Then, once the auto has slowed down and you are steering in the direction you want the car to go you then very slowly push the break. You don’t want to pump it because that could cause you more troubles.”

Many have not taken a drivers test in years or a long time and the laws are continuously changing. If you would like extra information about California driving laws, you may discover a loose book at your local DMV.

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