RepairPal.Com, a leading issuer of automobile carrier and restore, has partnered with prolonged assurance provider Omega Auto Care to reduce the economic burden and pressure of auto restore for Omega’s clients.

Omega Auto Care’s mission is to take the stress out of car repairs and marvel maintenance. Now whilst an Omega Auto Care extended assurance placeholder takes a car to get repaired at one among RepairPal’s 2,500 super restore shops, the $a hundred deductible is waived. Customers get the benefit of knowing the work may be finished with brilliant exceptional and without the burden of additional prices, stated the company.

RepairPal’s assignment is to offer customers accept as true with, pleasant and fair pricing in caring for their vehicles. To emerge as RepairPal Certified, each keeps need to skip a complete assessment by way of a group of vehicle professionals who scrutinize every shop and mechanic for enjoying and education, equipment, parts, purchaser pleasure, pricing, and warranty.

The RepairPal Certified Network is now the desired company for Omega Auto Care extended warranty products. “Partnering with RepairPal helps decrease the fear and uncertainty that can accompany car repair,” stated Patrick O’Brien, Omega Auto Care, CEO. “We’re devoted to offering extremely good providers with the aid of assisting our customers to locate the best restore stores in their place and saving customers money.”

With so many first-rate repair shops inside the RepairPal Certified Network, an increasing number of main organizations in the automotive field are referring their customers to RepairPal. “We’re thrilled to paintings with Omega and to help them aid their members with exceptional and savings whilst upkeep are wanted,” stated Art Shaw, RepairPal CEO.

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