Last week, we wrapped up a trio of posts about the pleasant sporty automobile designs of the 1990s from around the sector. Today we venture into the darker depths of the identical concern. First up are the horrific designs American producers proffered during the last decade.

The acquainted regulations of the game are similar to in earlier versions:

All selections ought to be model years 1990 to 1999.
Picks need to be from an American producer, even if sourced from an import.
Anybody fashion is eligible as lengthy because it’s sporty*.

*Some commenters want to pay attention to rule 3, max, and loosen up all cool.

My choice for terrible 1990s design began off serviceably sufficient at creation, however than through corporate fiddling and adjustment ended up in a sad country.

It’s the seventh-technology Mercury Cougar, which debuted on the MN12 platform for the 1989 version 12 months. Rear-force, V6 or V8 power, and available with a manual in 1989 and 1990. It sounds like a respectable place to begin, aside from a grille that seemed like a placemat. As predicted, Cougar shared its DNA with the Ford Thunderbird (and was step-sibling to Lincoln’s Mark VIII), although the Cougar was more severe searching and a piece more upscale than the Thunderbird. The upright design remained unchanged for the primary two model years. A refresh got here in 1991. Arguably the first-rate searching and most Taurus-like version of the model’s run, every other refresh became accomplished for the 1994 version year that brought it in the direction of Sable. But Ford wasn’t finished, and in 1996 did a more sizeable rework on both Thunderbird and Cougar. Now Cougar shared its visage with the Thunderbird, however, carried its personal bumper and grille (which seemed a mess). Previously absent, trim sprouted along the sides of the coupe in the form of chunky cladding

The metamorphosis from moth to caterpillar entire, Ford canceled the Cougar after 1997. The call remained dormant for two years till a resurrection at the Mondeo platform Ford Cougar.

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